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For some time now, I had been thinking about publishing some content in English and considered several possibilities: adding new entries to WordPress with content in both Spanish and English, creating two new entries, one for each language or creating a new English-only site. None seemed the best option, two language content in the same entry would be awkward for long posts, two separate entries would seem like a big mess to me and creating a new site would require more time (as if writting in two languages was not enough).

But I think I’ve found a good option: a WordPress bilingual interface, where I add content in two languages but users only see the one they like/want. Searching the web I found several interesting multilingual plugins for WordPress, two of them seemed very nice: xLanguage and qTranslate. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be compatible with current version of WordPress, the former is becoming old and the latter gave me some trouble with WP 2.8.6. Luckily, I’ve just found another and very attractive multilingual plugin, developed not only by a single person but by a company dedicated to professional translation of web sites (among other content): WMPL. I’ll be doing some testing with this plugin and, if I like it, I’ll keep it installed.

So, English blog readers, get ready ;).

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