Babelfish -> Google Translator -> Word Reference

Every now and then, when I’m reading documents written in English, I find some words I don’t know. And sometimes, when I’m writting in English, I’d like to have a synonym and I make use of an online English<->Spanish translator (I don’t have any translator program installed). I’ve used Babelfish a lot, until I got “weird results” with some known words. I tried these words: draw, wide and draw on.

These were the results at Babelfish:
draw -> drenaje
wide -> de par en par
draw on -> drenaje encendido (well, you could expect this one :P).

Using Google Translator:
draw -> dibujar
wide -> ancho
draw on -> aprovechar

Definitely, I won’t be using Babelfish anymore.
Another one I consider a very good option for translations is, you can find full definitions with several alternatives, just like a real dictionary, recommended :).

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