Nice notifications with notify-send

I’ve been writing some simple BASH scripts lately (no, I’m not good with bash), and was looking for a method to get notified when certain parts of the scripts finished, I’ve found notify-send serves perfectly for this purpose, besides being used by Epiphany for notifying when a new message arrives ;).

Get notify-send

# aptitude install libnotify-bin

Test it

$ notify-send Title Message

This will show a notification balloon on the top rigth corner of your screen with the indicated title and message. Really, it’s been really useful for my everyday use, I can start a batch process and go on with my other activities, then I receive a notification when the process finishes or requires my attention :).

A very simple example is to compile a big program such as alsa:

$ ./configure && make && notify-send "Ready to install"

Or a more elaborated and really nice one :).

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